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« Manage yourself well and you may manage all the world » Bulwer-Lytton.

Dandys Barber Lounge, barbershop exclusively for men, has been created based on the kind of style my grandfather had. 

The man fighting the rudeness through elegance. The handkerchief of good taste ordered well in a pocket breast « barchetta », the silk tie « Mader » correctly knotted with the rigorous drop, the respect for traditions, a style, and a label of «savoir-être».

A net haircut, beard and perfectly polished shoes because my grandfather knew that every man behaves differently when he takes care of his appearance. The world surrounding him acts differently in front of such a man and, in return, this man will give the best of himself – respecting the given word.

Our barbers are recognized internationally, and some have trainer’s title – because traditions matter and it’s our due to pass them on and to enrich them.

« Fastidious, unbelievables, beaux, lions or dandies :whichever label these men claim for themselves, one and all system from the same origin, all share the same characteristic of opposition and revolt : all are representatives of what is best in human pride, of that need, which is too rare in the modern generation, to combat and destroy triviality » Charles Baudelaire ” The Dandy”

Dandys Barber Lounge, where men belong.



Founder, owner and managing director of Dandy’s Barber Lounge, Cristina has a true Dandy’s story.

Of italian origins, she was born in Geneva but raised in the most international environment: she speaks 5 languages and feels at ease with different cultures. After her Master Degree in Management, she worked in marketing and sales assignments for International Companies in South America and in Geneva, culminated in  10 years at Procter&Gamble.

Cristina has a natural passion for beauty: she does not follow Trends, she creates her owns. She has experience of managing high end Professional Beauty Brands like Wella Color, Sassoon Professional and Sebastian Professional, but this was not enough to satisfy her inner entrepeneur’s fire. Cristina is a challenger by nature, so she quit P&G and she created her own beauty company.

Dandy’s Barber Lounge was born as a Brand of beauty and cultural experience: it is an expression of her passion for timeless elegance and savoir-vivre.  It was created as a prestige Brand, with no comprimises on selectivity and quality at every touch point.

Cristina is a rare example of a Swiss Entrepeneur who combines analytical skills with creativity, beauty instinct with entrepeneurship, social skills with management.  She has been featured multiple times in Geneva’s Press and she has been invited to several men’s collections events (Louboutin, Mont Blanc, Scotch&Soda), making her the reference for Men’s Grooming in Geneva.