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Cristina Le Jeune Giacobbi

Cristina Le Jeune Giacobbi

Founder and owner, Cristina has a real Dandy’s story.
Swiss, of Italian origin, she was born in Geneva and grew up in an international and multicultural environment: she is fluent in 5 languages and feels at ease with different cultures. After obtaining her Master in Management, she worked in marketing, sales and public relations for international companies in South America and Geneva, culminating in 10 years at Procter & Gamble.

Cristina has a natural passion for beauty: she does not follow trends and fashions, she creates them. Her experience in managing high-end brands – such as Wella Color, Sassoon Professional and Sebastian Professional – was not enough to satisfy her inner entrepreneur. Cristina is a challenger by nature, so she left Procter & Gamble and started her own beauty business.

Dandy’s Barber Lounge was born as a beauty and cultural experience brand: an expression of her passion for timeless elegance and savoir-vivre. It was created as a prestige brand, without compromising on selectivity and quality at every touch point.

Cristina is a rare example of a Swiss entrepreneur who combines analytical skills with creativity, beauty instinct with entrepreneurship, social skills with management. Dandy’s Barber Lounge has been presented several times to the Geneva press and has been invited to several men’s collection events (Louboutin, Mont Blanc, Scotch & Soda), making it the reference for men’s grooming in Geneva.